Level 5 In Childcare

Level 5 In Childcare

Are you interested in becoming a childcare worker? Here are some great tips that will help you get started.

Learn About the Industry


Before you even think about applying for a job in childcare, you need to learn more about what it takes to become one. You should also make sure that you understand the industry so that you know what kind of qualifications you need to have before you apply.

Find Out More about the Job


There are two main categories of childcare workers: those who work directly with children (nannies) and those who work indirectly with children (childminders). Nannies usually care for infants and toddlers while childminders tend to care for older children. Both groups must meet certain requirements to work with children.

Start Preparing Now


If you’re interested in becoming a childcare worker, there are several steps you need to take before starting out. First, you should check whether you meet the minimum age requirement. Next, you should apply for a course with Rutledge who can help you find a work placement if you are not currently working in childcare. You will also need to pass a criminal records check and provide references. Finally, you will need to attend our training course and complete your work placement.

Apply Today!


There are different levels of childcare available, at Rutledge Training we offer from Level 2 up to Level 5. Level 2 is a starting point and Level 5 is a great way to get promoted into management. We have over 30 years of experience in training so find out more about our Childcare Courses here.

Start by getting qualified while in a work placement


If you want to become a childcare worker, then you need to first decide what kind of childcare job you would like to do. You should consider whether you want to work at a daycare centre, preschool or school. Each type of childcare has its own requirements, so make sure you check out the qualifications needed before starting your search.