Why customers choose the Overlander Horse Box?

Investing in a reliable horse box is the best way to ensure that your equine companion enjoys their journey and arrives safely at their destination. With high-quality materials, spacious designs, and reinforced components, a horse box ensures that your precious cargo is protected while on the move.

What our Ambassadors have to say about the Overlander Horse Box?

Please check out what our Ambassadors have to say about us below.

They talk about the comfort, ease of use, durability and the safety for the horses and themselves with an Overlander Vehicle. As you can see from Katie Scott part of your decision when it comes to choosing a new horse lorry is to try an Overlander Vehicle as it will sell itself.

Security for Your Horse

With a reliable horse box, you can have the peace of mind that your horse is safe and secure throughout their journey. Quality construction materials and design features add an extra layer of protection for your horse and all their necessary items, providing them with a calm and comfortable environment as you transport them from one place to another.

Improved Visibility

Quality horse boxes give you the confidence that your horse can always be seen by you and other drivers while they are on the road. With large windows, cameras covering the horse box area and 2 door areas in the rear, these boxes enable you to easily keep an eye on your horse while they travel in comfort.

Convenience and Comfort

Quality horse boxes are not only made for horses but for your convenience as well. Many horse boxes come equipped with eye-catching features such as adjustable partition walls and rubber, providing your horse with a comfortable ride no matter how long the journey is. With additional storage compartments, you can also keep all of your equine essentials close at hand. All in all, quality horse boxes make travelling with your horse safe and stress-free!

Professional Look and Feel

Quality horse boxes are designed for both your convenience and your horse’s comfort. Many feature an impressive design that will surely turn heads when you’re out on the road! The professional look and feel of these boxes also ensures that you have a safe, secure place to transport your horse from one destination to another. With quality construction, attractive styling, and easy-to-maintain features, a quality horse box can offer you the best in protection and convenience.

Availability of Spare Parts and Accessories

Investing in a quality horse box is an investment with long-term returns. You’ll benefit from easy access to spare parts and service back up utilizing the Overlander dealer and agent network nationwide.

The entry model Overlander R240 Horsebox comes equipped with a high level of specification. However, we also offer PLUS and SPORT models. For comfort additions would be leather seats for the driver and passengers, touch screen entertainment system and colour matched bumpers and wing mirrors.

One of the most sought after additions is a towbar and rear step. The Overlander R240 Horsebox can tow a train weight of 6 tonne. This allows for greater flexibility if you also wanted to tow a cargo trailer for more gear or even a horsebox trailer.

Looking to test drive an Overlander R240 Horse Box?

Located in Ireland or the UK? Message us today to arrange a demo of the new R240 Horsebox – We will come to you! Our specialist sales team are on hand to carry out demonstrations nationwide.